What a rainbow can do for you.

This past weekend was a celebration our nations independence. I also attended a funeral that was a celebration of life. When a friend or loved one dies we grieve. In that process we are seeking comfort. And if that death was sudden that comfort can come in the form of spiritual experience called an After-Death Communication. Our deceased loved ones are trying to comfort us. Common signs include butterflies and rainbows. The frequent message expressed is “I’m fine”, “Go on with your life”, “Don’t grieve for me any more”, or “I’m watching over you” We will experience a peace that surpasses all understanding.
In the book Hello from Heaven by Bill Guggenheim and Judy Guggenheim, a new field of research ~ After-Death Communication ~ confirms that life and love are eternal.

The first photo above was taken the day before my good friend’s funeral last week. I arrived at the beach and this appeared as I was grieving the loss while looking over the ocean. The second photo was taken the day an entire school was gathered to remember two local families lost in an airplane crash. This rainbow covered our school during the gathering. I believe if we keep our eyes open we will find what we are seeking.