Voices From Behind Bars

Last night’s book launch of I Didn’t See It Coming was a smashing success! This published book is a compilation of writings.  The authors are prisoners. Many are in for life.  The launch started with an introduction to The Writers Block Project, an advanced creative workshop at Perry Correctional Institute to promote meaningful rehabilitation through personal growth and accountability.  We sat. We listened. We heard recordings of some men reading their strengths, sufferings, heartbreaks and hopes.  George Ella Lyon says it best 

    “Though locked up, they will not be locked out.  Their words free them to discover themselves, to speak to each other, and to reach through the bars to you and me.  As one writer puts it, they “write to breathe” Don’t miss their courageous words.

One hundred fifty books were sold.  This book is true art, passionate, raw, honest and unfiltered.  I picked up the book and “I didn’t see it coming.”

To purchase a book email The Writers Block

Portrait of Anna Katherine Freeland and Carol Young Gallagher by Polly Galliard