Unable to eat sugar, SHE CREATES an inspired sugar free lifestyle!

Sometimes life gives us lemons and we make lemonade.  Alex, founder of SPOONFUL OF SUGAR FREE, made sugar free lemonade that tastes great! Well not exactly, she actually creates a boatload of healthy and fabulous recipes that are sugar free, shares resources, ideas and products that wholesome, natural and of course sugar free.

 I believe in eating natural foods, the foods our bodies were designed to eat!”

Somewhat of a foodie, Alex didn’t want to give up on her love for food and how it tasted.   She researched all kinds of different ways to be healthy, and learned about the dangers of eating too much sugar.  She took hold of the limitations in her life and designed a healthy lifestyle. She embraced a can do attitude that enabled her to be a strength to others who may be limited by sugar or just simply want to eat their way into a healthy lifestyle.

I connected with Alex through a friend recommended her ROASTED CHILE LIME NUTS recipe.  YUM and DONE.  They are delicious, interesting and healthy. 

Thank you Alex for inspiring us to think and eat healthy in creative ways, embrace life’s challenges and to always make lemonade out of lemons even if it is sugar free!

Visit Alex and www.spoonfulofsugarfree.com.  She offers great ideas, recipes and wisdom for eating and living in healthy ways.