This quote makes me stop and think about who I hang around.  There are energy “suckers” and energy “givers.”  Which one are you?  Don’t let this shock you, but not everyone is rooting for you, sadly enough.  Most people can be locked into a  personality they don’t want.  Their negative outlook might be drilling holes in your “life” boat.  Take a look at your family, close friends and neighbors. I wish we could choose them, but the reality is, two out of three are chosen for us.  Measure how you feel when they leave your space.  People often don’t remember the information exchanged as much as they remember how you made them feel. Are you elated to reconvene with that person, Or do you feel like they left their wet towel on your shoulders?  


This is a call to action to pick up the paddle. Life always puts you in either your own boat or someone else’s boat. You can choose to pick up the drill or pick up the paddle.  How does that saying go? “ Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer!” Know who they are and why they’re with YOU!