The United States has not hosted this event since 1998!

Can you imagine losing a limb or being told your disability will affect your daily tasks? Could you live without hearing? Seeing? Well after you get over the sadness, anger, and other flood of emotions, only a handful of us will emerge with a goal. For each one of these athletes on the para-cycling team, their journey has not been easy or routine.

This year the 2014 Para-Cycling Road Races (the Super Bowl of this sport) will be held in Greenville, South Carolina. The numbers are impressive: over 200 coaches and staff and 450 athletes will represent over 45 countries. Athletes compete in events using cycles tailored to their disability. And we thought nice athletic shoes were expensive! Greenville has three hometown athletes: Aaron Trent, Lance Footer and Ryan Boyle. The women to watch are Jamie Whitmore, Lora Turnham & Corrine Hall (tandem) and Alyda Norbruis. Jamie has recently won the ESPY Award for the Best Female Athlete with a Disability - You Go Girl!

Join us at Greenville’s ICAR facility August 28 - September 2. Your presence IS support! Meanwhile … Ride ON