The Friendship Dilemma

"DAY 58. I’m a killer. Although, it’s not what you think.  I’ve been a friendship killer for much of my life.

As I was growing up we moved annually, resulting in a different school every year.  I dreaded another new classroom, complete with stares and whispers. ”  Believe it or not this devotional mirrors the story of my friend and someone who doesn’t live a day without spreading joy, love and an awesome creative spirit in life.

I would not have known her in the way that I get to if she hadn’t listened to the truth of her heart. “God’s love its like ‘a spring of water welling up to eternal life’ (John 4:14)  And I’ve discovered that when you begin to live that effervescent life, it becomes contagious!  The joy that bubbles up form the inside cannot be hidden.  Others are drawn to you and wonder how you can have joy in all circumstances.

And then it happens.  Friendships develop.  The old me would shut down, walk away or sabotage a relationship.  I just didn’t think I had what it takes to keep a friendship alive.  And I don’t, but God does.

God is asking us to take a risk, let our guard down and love as he loves us.”  

Whether you have moved all of your life, are scared to commit or are ‘way to busy’ for friends…rethink and embrace the power of friendship - you are not alone.

Shared by a friend.  Her story and dedicated to the power of friendship. Content: Greater Love, article by Luann Prater