Feeling EMPTY?

It is undeniable that women are constantly bombarded with unrealistic images that supposedly personify health and happiness.  So many women try so hard for this unattainable goal that will, in the long run, leave them feeling empty.  We try the latest 100-calorie snack packs, or worse, skip eating when our body needs fuel.  On the flip side, we may decide to give it up all together, and give in to all the unhealthy and convenient food temptations that are thrown our way; these foods don’t give us energy, will make you enemies with your scale, and let’s be honest, they are not found on the food pyramid.  

It’s time to feel WHOLE again by eating whole foods.  Whole food is food that comes from the ground and not made in a laboratory.   To get started, visit local farmers markets, research recipes using real food, and spend some time in the kitchen.  You may discover a new hobby.  Your body can do amazing things when given the right fuel.  Taking these steps toward a whole foods diet will not only make you healthy, but it will also gift you with a new glow.  

One small change + giving up one bad habit = 2x the confidence

Guest Blogger: Anna Whitlow

Life Hack for Happiness

"Everyone deserves to be happy", my friend told me the other day. While I agreed with her, I thought more about what she said.
We do deserve to be happy, but happiness is a DIY project. I think sometimes we chase happiness through stuff and things outside of ourselves. But I've realized that happiness grows from the inside out. You can't buy it, spend it, but we can create it everyday. Happiness in our lives is a moment by moment choice, no matter what we are faced with in our daily lives. Yes, sometimes that is hard to do. But the strength to make that choice comes from who you are inside. You can gracefully choose happiness daily.

Sandy Peerless, S.H.E. Contributor