SHE Shines: Spotlight on Erin Hamlin

Image courtesy of: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images

Before today, Erin Hamlin would have just been known in the luge community as a rockstar athlete.  However, Hamlin made US Olympic history when she became the first individual—male or female—to medal in the single luge event. Hamlin proudly wore the bronze medal for the United States.

 ”It’s amazing,” Hamlin said. “It’s surreal, really.”

 To create history while competing in the sport you love is truly a remarkable achievement. At STYLEHEALTHENERGY, we are always inspired by women athletes that overcome obstacles—whether it is historical, physical or personal barriers. Congratulations Erin Hamlin on making it to Sochi and medaling in singles luge!

Isabel Sepkowitz, SHE Contributor