Will there ever be a day to stop learning?  I hope not.  This subject of lifelong learning is one that is on my mind every day.  I always have new ideas and want to create more, but somedays it’s hard to move toward uncharted territory and begin to write the the text book of my life.

There are trigger points along the journey to you.  What is holding us back? What should I be looking for? What (or who) do we need to kick to the side of the road and what about this road makes it right for me? At some point, we may have asked these questions, and if you haven’t, start the car! Learning is the fuel you will need.


List your dreams- visualize yourself living them.

Enter new territories - there is nothing more terrifying or thrilling then doing something or trying something you never thought you could do!

Act with friends - having the support of friends is the key ingredient to the encouragement and success! (remember the fact that you tried is success!) 

Resist the dreams that OTHERS have for you. Hear their ideas and then you be the judge that determines your next adventure.

Notice the beauty of a blank page.  Start again and again and again.  You will be amazed at all that you can create for your life.