Recipe for a Delicious Life


Thanksgiving is right around the corner! It’s time to get out all the family recipes, and plan another holiday dinner with family and friends. As I’ve been putting together my shopping lists and looking at recipes, I’ve been thinking about what I would put in a recipe for a delicious life. My recipe would look like this:

Add in equal parts dreams, goals, determination, and passion.

Stir in gratitude for my health and all my blessings.

Blend together daily exercise with gratefulness for my home and abundant food to enjoy.

Drizzle with hopefulness and a happy outlook.

Add stillness and silence, listening to my heart and to others.

Stir in lots of love, that sweetens everything.

Serve daily to myself, and to everyone I meet. We all have the ingredients in our lives for an amazing recipe. What is your recipe for a delicious life?

Photo Image: and wordswag by LAC