Music…Can it change your running game?

We know music makes you wanna move, but does it make you run faster?I have often wondered this, and if in fact, if it does improve performance, what type of music would be best?

Women’s Running checked in with Dr. Costas Karageorghis, author of Inside Sport Psychology, to gain some insight into whether or not music actually helps you run faster. 

Women’s Running: We’ve heard music can help you run faster—is that true? 

Dr. Costas Karageorghis: Under certain circumstances, music can, in fact, help you run faster. The way music can be used most  effectively is in a synchronous mode. This means that you synchronize your stride to the rhythm in order to gain a performance-enhancing effect.

WR: How can beats benefit runners?
CK: Our studies have shown that music can help running performance on many different levels. It reduces the perception of exertion, making running feel less strenuous. Music can enhance positive aspects of mood, like happiness and excitement, while reducing negative aspects, such as anger and confusion. By engendering a more positive mindset, it inspires people toward higher levels of performance.

When we use music in the synchronous mode, it appears that music makes you run more effciently as well. There are energy gains of up to 7 percent when you coordinate your movements with music. Essentially, it has a metronomic effect in regulating your stride.

WR: What beats per minute (bpm) range is best?
CK: Tracks with a tempo of 150 to 190 bpm are ideal for running one step per beat.  Read More: Women’s Running Training Tips to Help You Run Faster

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