Holiday Shoutouts!

1)  To my neighborhood: All the holidays lights are amazing, they are really extra sparkly this year! 

Helps me remember to stop and enjoy the sights and sounds of the season!

2)  To the barista who makes my coffee: Makes me grateful for all the people everyday who make my life easier by their special work in my community. 

3)  To the person who let me go ahead of them in line at the mall: Thank you! It really saved me some time and made me realize I need to slow down and savor each special moment of this time of year.

4)  To my friends and family: The Christmas cards and holiday greetings sent my way bring joy to my life…I am very lucky to have you a part of my life!

5)  To the warm fires that are blazing: Thank you for wrapping me in your warmth and reminding me of all the love that surrounds me.

6) To Santa Claus and the magic of the holidays: Thank you for reminding us to see the holidays thru a child’s eyes. Thank you for helping us to remember to dream BIG dreams, write out our wish lists, and know that dreams and wishes do come true!