Do you want to know the BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER?

This past weekend we girls helped a friend celebrate a big one. One of us gathered for several weeks the stories, quotes and pictures needed to create the best birthday gift ever! The box above is collection of sincerity, laughter and memories personally conveyed from it’s source (person).  The birthday girl would read each card, laugh out loud, read it aloud, then we laughed again with her. Beware; this process eats up a lot of time when there are 50 cards.  There was no better way to spend our evening!  After only reading about 15 cards, she looked up with tears in her eyes (and this girl isn’t a cryer) and she said “I am so rich!”, ” I am SO RICH!”

This DIY project is brought to you by Heather Jordan, creator and a best friend to many.