Ghost...Ella Henderson

A friend told me to listen…I think you should too. Lately I’ve been heading to the river to pray, been thinkin’ about a ghost, but it’s not love.  The ghost I needed to give up is pain.  I’ve learned that in the last month as I have wrestled with  back pain that just about did me in.  I learned that when I took opposite action - joy could enter.  I learned to pray and love entered.  I learned to be and I entered in a new way into an understanding of time, pain, and just letting things roll as they needed to because really I had no choice and I am not in control. God gave this gift of time and pain to realize that He was, is and will always be constant. So by the river or in a quiet place, pray and believe that all things are possible with faith.

Not to mention - This is a GREAT SONG- LOVING the vibe!