5 Unexpected Ways To Break A Bad Habit

So, a few weeks into 2015…how’s it going?  Many of us set out to make changes, break patterns and habits bringing us down.  The reality is that we are constantly tested in these changes and tempted to fall back into the way things were.

Become hyper-aware of your habit. Track and get to know the habit you want to break. 

Stop focusing on what you’re not going to do. ’I’m going to eat less … stop smoking …frame your goals instead in terms of what you are going to do.

Oppose Permission Giving. Instead spend time looking at alternatives to what you know you are trying to move away from.

Think Doom and Gloom. (not a typo) Be prepared for the worst that can happen in the process of change.

Focus a big chunk of your efforts on your environment. Basically, eliminate temptation.  If you are trying to eat more veggies, make sure that is what is in the fridge!

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Article based on  The Habit Change Workbook: How To Break Bad Habits and Form Good Ones, Co Authored by James Claiborn.

Article by Catherine Pearson