Rarely do we take on challenges for no reason. But doing handstands every day is a challenge worth tackling.  Here are five great reasons to go upside down.  Start small. Lean against a wall and feel good about staying up for just a few seconds.  Work your way up to 15 seconds, 30 seconds, etc.  Shaky arms are expected, results will be unmistakable.  

1. Balance is overused as an athletic term. But the benefits of balance reach far beyond the physical. You don’t want to be falling as you age. You want to survive those mis-steps that are going to happen.  Having balance infiltrates the mind too.  Being pulled into one direction without equal opposing forces will be damaging.  

2. Strength - in your core, upper body, bones…. must we go on!  We can’t think of a better bang for the buck. In a short period of time (literally seconds) you can make all of these areas stronger.  Don’t forget to utilize a wall!

3. Can Be Done Anywhere, Anytime. Like running, handstands are able to be done inside or outside, with or without shoes, in yoga pants or a pants suit.  No stretching required.

4. Obvious Progress.  We like to see results.  Some fun ones are squared shoulders, the tri-cep dents, tighter stomach, and straighter posture both in your walking and sitting.  Someone may mistake you for a Finishing School Graduate.

5. Laughter will be inevitable when you start going upside down.  As blood rushes to your head and your body starts to flail about in funky ways, you can’t help but laugh.  And if anyone is watching you, well….. Who doesn’t already understand the benefits of laughter?