Do you want to explore possibility?

Are you wondering if you are following your internal compass for life?  Do you wonder if your current situation is where you should be?  Do you want to learn how hundreds of women have nurtured their intuition and changed their lives?

On the heels of what started out as a book club and turned into a year of profound transformation for eight women, we felt inspired to launch a study of our own.  If you desire inspiration for change, this study will by your catalyst.

The S.H.E. Discovers workshops are designed to help you better understand a clever way of learning if you are truly where you SHOULD be! This is not about career changes, or other major life changes, unless you want it to be. This about learning to pay attention to what makes you happy, creative, focused, and open.

The foundational content of our study will be based on the book FINDING YOUR OWN NORTH STAR, by Martha Beck.  She believes that facing change can be a difficult challenge. However we have found that being in a group setting is the key to navigate the change successfully.  Through this in- depth study, you will be guided, supported and empowered to fully discover YOU.


“Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same.”


Our 8 week study will begin Tuesday, February 24 from 6pm – 8pm and Thursday March 11:30 - 1pm at North Star Studios 2 Aberdeen Drive, Greenville South Carolina.   The course costs $150 and includes a book, coaching  and snacks



A Jewelry Designer Became an Award Winning Artist

I started my North Star journey with the news of my winning acceptance into my first juried art show in Miami. This was a new beginning after 20 years in business as a jewelry storeowner. I saw it as an opportunity to change the path of my life to something different.

For the next part of my journey, I am looking forward to moving my studio out of my home and becoming a part of a community of artists. Striving for my North Star is a journey that I don't think will ever end. I just need to remember to keep checking my compass.

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"The journey helped  me realize that being in touch with my physical self helps me to make better decisions regarding my path and puts me in touch with the greatest expression of myself." - KK Clardy