Who is S.H.E.?

A friend and mentor, she impacts her community and inspires others along the way. She lives a life fueled by her unique STYLE, intentional HEALTH and contagious ENERGY.


Photo; MH Photography

Photo; MH Photography

Friends first,

business owners second and a shared belief that there is more...S.H.E. [STYLE HEALTH ENERGY] was born.

In 2013, a personal journey of self-discovery began. While studying Finding Your Own North Star by Martha Beck, we realized that our greatest passion was to encourage others, celebrate and motivate women to discover themselves in a new light.  S.H.E was launched to help women unlock their full potential by embracing who they are, how they live and what they share.

We both felt a need for change. Both became mothers and accomplished businesswomen, born to be doers, and the question of “what’s next?” burned in our hearts and minds.   Our unique life experiences enabled us to offer resources, connections, creativity, and vision to influence change...so we did.

Our best in Style,Health & Energy, 

Loraine Smith and LeeAnn Carroll